Dear interested Customer,

Glad you want to know more about us. We are Daniel and Flow from Sheepiefy, 2 normal dudes who just started their very own and first online business. So if you want to know how we got the whole thing started and why we are selling woolen clothing, sheepskin rugs and many other cool items, read the following little story!

I got the idea of spreading sheepskin rugs in more houses from one of the most inspiring people I (Flow) met on the road hitchhiking through Germany. He was a 72 year old guy who knew more about the internet than I did. He kindly picked me up and took me exactly to where I needed to go this day. He asked me to help him stacking the sheepskin rugs he just bought in his barn. I still didn't know if he just does that for money or because he is convinced, that he sells a good product to the people, until he let me experience the real value of sheep wool. He told me to sit on a normal chair, nothing special as I thought. But then he put the sheepskin rug on this very normal, boring chair and I felt like in heaven. It was so cosy and comfortable that I didnt't want to leave anymore. In this moment I knew that I want to share this comfort with many more people out there, that still don't know how good this feeling is.

An online store is the best way of sharing products on a big scale. My friend Daniel was already experienced in setting up a store, so we came together and talked about this new business idea. Together we started to create this awesome shop called Sheepiefy, where we want to share luxurious, cosy sheepskin rugs, stylish looking woolen clothings and many other cool items made from any kind of wool.

So maybe you also thought about our name: Sheepiefy which pretty much sounds like we are only focusing on sheep wool. Now you were probably wondering, why we also sell products that are not made of fleece/sheepskin/sheep wool.

That is because we didn't want to limit our store to this products. There is a great variety of wool available that we love to sell like cashmere, cotton, camel, angora, alpaca, lamb and merino. We even sell acrylic wool, because its synergy with natural wool is amazing. They both have advantages and disadvantages, but they work best together.

At the moment we don't sell all of these products, because we are a very new store. We are experiencing with different suppliers while trying to figure out what our customers love most. So forgive us for not having the greatest variety of wool yet, but in the future we will satisfy this need for sure.

So if you like the idea, come, join and support us sharing this idea. What we want is to fulfill our mission as a team and serve our customers with the best quality and convenience possible. No one ever said this will be easy. But it is infinitely more rewarding than anything else.

Florian Hofmann and Daniel Karnatz / CEOs of Sheepiefy