Here's an answer to the question many people ask us about our store:

There are so many different yarn types, more than you can possibly imagine. You can crochet with more than a dozen animal fibers, approximately as many plant fibers and dozens of alternative materials.

So first of all, we should talk about the definition of acrylic/polyester wool:
"Acrylic" is a manufactured fiber that is not found naturally, but is rather man-made. It is a synthetic material with a wide range of possible end uses. Acrylic can be made into yarn or fabric, as well as many other types of products. It is also an inexpensive kind of wool which is very easy to clean compared to natural wool. Acrylic products keep their shape, color and the warmth underneath, because it is less breathable than it's natural equivalents. Perfectly suited for people with allergic reactions to natural wool or sensitive skin.

Besides, there are many other good reasons for the use of acrylic/polyester in our products:

  • durable - lasts longer than other materials
  • very soft and keeps warm
  • doesn't keep any unwanted smell (cotton often keeps smell e.g. smoke/cooking)
  • easy to wash in machine - great for people who want easy-care items
  • easy to stretch, still retains it's shape - one product suits people with different sizes
  • feels like natural wool - you won't feel much of a difference
  • easy to dye with bright colors
  • lighter than any other kind of wool
  • quick drying times
  • resists shrinkage and wrinkles
  • excellent pleat retention
  • resists moths, oil and chemicals

But compared to natural wool it also has some disadvantages:

- lower absorbency of sweat
- it is possible that it becomes a little stiff
- little more pilling
- more sensitive to heat

    So if the only thought that popped up in your head when you heard "acrylic" or "polyester" was: CHEAP, then maybe we could present you another perspective of this manufactured fibre. If you like these characteristics, then maybe you should think about checking out one of our top products.

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    Hope you liked this further information,
    Your Sheepiefy Team